Downtown Chattanooga
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Main & Broad

Block between Main & 13th, Broad & Chestnut Streets
Why is the site important?

This site serves as an important gateway into downtown.

This site addresses Main Street from the US-27 connection to the intersection with Market Street. In addition to the corner, the site includes the block bounded by Broad Street, 13th Street, Chestnut Street, and Main Street.

Artech / HKA / BWSC
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Site ideas being developed by

Artech / HKA / BWSC

David Hudson
Craig Kronenberg
Heidi Hefferlin
Matt Stovall*
Rice Williams
Justin Dumsday*
Bruce Simonson*
Daniel Oakley*
Matthew Parks*
Paul Darr
John Brown
* Not Pictured
Team Statement

The offices of both Artech and HKA are located within their project's boundaries. Additionally, a number of their team members live in the area as well. Principals of these firms have worked with a number of groups on projects to improve the Southside in general and Main St specifically.


See the Artech / HKA / BWSC's concept for Main & Broad here.