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Vine Street Corridor

Vine Street Corridor
Why is the site important?

The large area and potential for creating a vibrant connection between the city center and the University make this an important site.

This site comprises Vine Street and adjacent undeveloped parcels from Georgia Avenue to the University.

Idea Channel
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Site ideas being developed by

Idea Channel

Thomas Palmer
Eric Cummings
Tara Maner*
Blythe Bailey
Michael Prater*
Wes Michaels*
Paul Rustand*
Caleb Ludwick
Matt Greenwell
* Not Pictured
Team Statement

Idea Channel believes that the presence of a major university in the heart of our city has as much potential for quality of life as our great outdoor setting and strong urban character. They go on to say that this potential link seems to be one of the last great, untapped frontiers of possibility for revitalization.


See Idea Channel's concept for the Vine Street Corridor here.